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If you are looking for a law firm in Thailand for your prenuptial agreement then GAM Legal Alliance would be able to assist you with the prenuptial arrangements. This website gives a very brief overview of the process and laws which govern the prenuptial agreements. Most wish to know if the prenuptial is valid back home. The answer is yes however many States in the US each have a different view and so a template will not work in drafting your prenuptial agreement. It is for this reason that they are expensive to have them drafted. You can register your prenuptial in Thailand at the time of marriage and also ensure that all laws are met.

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Bangkok Office

You can email GAM Legal Alliance as listed above or visit their offices for more information as well as legal assistance. The prenuptial is a complex process and as stated on this website you Thai fiancee will have to have her own lawyer to explain it to her as well. Always speak to a family lawyer and take proper advice.

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